Publication Types:

Dispositional causation

CausationDispositionsEvent semanticsFuture referenceGrammatical-conceptual divideJournal article
Bridget Copley
Glossa: A Journal of General Linguistics, 3(1), 2018
Publication year: 2018

A force-theoretic framework for event structure

AspectCausationEvent semanticsForcesGrammatical-conceptual divideJournal article
Bridget Copley and Heidi Harley
Linguistics and Philosophy, 38: 103—158, 2015
Publication year: 2015

Futurates, directors, and have-causatives

CausationDispositionsFuture referenceJournal article
Copley, Bridget and Harley, Heidi
Snippets: 5—6, 2009
Publication year: 2009

The Plan’s the Thing: Deconstructing Futurates

AspectCausationFuture referenceJournal articleModality
Bridget Copley
Linguistic Inquiry, 39(2): 261—274, 2008
Publication year: 2008

So-called epistemic should

AspectJournal articleModality
Bridget Copley
Snippets, 9, 2004
Publication year: 2004