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Les intentions et les dispositions dans le langage

AuthorityBook chapterCausal modelsCausationDispositionsEvent semanticsFuture reference
Bridget Copley
In Intentions, in the series Concepts fondateurs de la philosophie du langage. Ed. Béatrice Wendling. ISTE Groupe.
Publication year: 2023

Events are the source of causal readings in the simplest English conditionals

AspectBook chapterCausal modelsCausationConditionalsEvent semantics
Bridget Copley
In Stefan Kaufmann and David Over and Ghanshyam Sharma (eds.): Conditionals - Logic, Linguistics, and Psychology, {publisher}, 2020
Publication year: 2023

What would it take to tame the verbal Hydra? (2022 ms)

CausationEvent semanticsForcesGrammatical-conceptual divideManuscript
Bridget Copley and Heidi Harley
CNRS/Paris 8 and University of Arizona ms.
Publication year: 2022

A dual ontology across the grammatical / conceptual divide

Book chapterGrammatical-conceptual divide
Isabelle Roy and Bridget Copley
For Hagit: A Celebration
Publication year: 2022

Reconciling causal and modal representations for two Salish out of control forms

AbilityCausal modelsCausationConference paperGrammatical-conceptual divideModality
Bridget Copley
to appear in Proceedings of the West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics 39, Cascadilla Press
Publication year: 2021

Future particles in Haitian Creole

CausationConference paperFuture reference
Moles Paul and Bridget Copley
In Proceedings of the Chicago Linguistics Society 55, in press
Publication year: 2020

Force dynamics

Book chapterCausationEvent semanticsForcesGrammatical-conceptual divide
Copley, Bridget
In Robert Truswell (ed.): Oxford Handbook of Event Structure, Oxford: 103—149, 2019
Publication year: 2019

Dispositional causation

CausationDispositionsEvent semanticsFuture referenceGrammatical-conceptual divideJournal article
Bridget Copley
Glossa: A Journal of General Linguistics, 3(1), 2018
Publication year: 2018

Force interaction in the expression of causation

CausationConference paperForces
Bridget Copley and Phillip Wolff and Jason Shepard
In Proceedings of SALT 25, 2015
Publication year: 2015

Deriving the readings of French être en train de

AspectConference paperModality
Copley, Bridget and Isabelle Roy
In Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2013: Selected papers from Going Romance 2013, 2015
Publication year: 2015

A force-theoretic framework for event structure

AspectCausationEvent semanticsForcesGrammatical-conceptual divideJournal article
Bridget Copley and Heidi Harley
Linguistics and Philosophy, 38: 103—158, 2015
Publication year: 2015

Theories of causation should inform linguistic theory and vice versa

Book chapterCausal modelsCausationDispositionsEvent semanticsForcesModality
Copley, Bridget and Wolff, Phillip
In Copley, Bridget and Martin, Fabienne (ed.): Causation in Grammatical Structures, Oxford University Press: 11—57, 2014
Publication year: 2014

Eliminating causative entailments with the force-theoretic framework: The case of the Tohono Oódham frustrative cem

AspectBook chapterCausationForcesModality
Bridget Copley and Heidi Harley
In Bridget Copley and Fabienne Martin (eds.): Causation in Grammatical Structures, Oxford University Press: 120—151, 2014
Publication year: 2014

Constructing Aspect: Syntactic Reflections on Aspectual Distinctions

Guéron, Jacqueline and Copley, Bridget
Presses universitaires de Vincennes, 2014
Publication year: 2014

Causation in Grammatical Structures

BookCausal modelsCausationDispositionsEvent semanticsForcesGrammatical-conceptual divideModality
Copley, Bridget and Martin, Fabienne
Oxford University Press, 2014
Publication year: 2014

Causal chains for futurates

Book chapterCausationForcesFuture reference
Bridget Copley
In de Brabanter, Philippe, Mikhail Kissine, and Saghie Sharifzadeh (eds.): Future Times, Future Tenses, OUP: 72—86, 2014
Publication year: 2014

Aspectualized futures in Indonesian and English

AspectBook chapterConditionalsModality
Bridget Copley
In Patricia Cabredo-Hofherr & Brenda Laca (ed.): Layers of Aspect (Studies in Constraint-Based Lexicalism), Stanford: Center for the Study of Language and Information: 101—124, 2010
Publication year: 2010

The Semantics of the Future

AspectBookConditionalsFuture referenceModality
Bridget Copley
Routledge, 2009
Publication year: 2009

Futurates, directors, and have-causatives

CausationDispositionsFuture referenceJournal article
Copley, Bridget and Harley, Heidi
Snippets: 5—6, 2009
Publication year: 2009

The Plan’s the Thing: Deconstructing Futurates

AspectCausationFuture referenceJournal articleModality
Bridget Copley
Linguistic Inquiry, 39(2): 261—274, 2008
Publication year: 2008

Temporal orientation in conditionals

AspectBook chapterConditionalsModality
Bridget Copley
In Jacqueline Guéron and Jacqueline Lecarme (eds.): Time and Modality, Springer: 59—77, 2008
Publication year: 2008

What should should mean?

CausationFuture referenceManuscriptModality
Bridget Copley
Publication year: 2006

A conceptual and a grammatical distinction for modals

CausationConference paperForcesFuture referenceGrammatical-conceptual divideModality
Bridget Copley
In NELS 35: Proceedings of the thirty-fifth annual meeting of the North East Linguistic Society, 2005
Publication year: 2005

So-called epistemic should

AspectJournal articleModality
Bridget Copley
Snippets, 9, 2004
Publication year: 2004

The Semantics of the Future (PhD thesis)

AspectConditionalsFuture referenceModalityPhD thesis
Bridget Copley
PhD Thesis, MIT, 2002
Publication year: 2002