I am a directrice of research in the laboratory Structures Formelles du Langage (CNRS/Université Paris 8). I study meaning.

I’m particularly interested in how we talk about what happens next. So I spend much of my time thinking about:

  • causation, force dynamics, and culmination
  • agency, volition, ability, and dispositions
  • aspect and eventuality type
  • future reference, conditionals, and metaphysical modality, especially within the verb phrase

I take the perspective that meaning is contributed both at a generative, syntax-visible, semantic level (i.e., logical form), as well as at a non-generative, conceptual level, and that the division of labor between these levels is testable using the methods of model-theoretic compositional semantics, syntactic theory, and cognitive psychology.

I am neurodivergent and I have a dynamic disability.

Sometimes people ask how to pronounce my last name. It’s pronounced /’koʊpli/. Though in Boston I answer to /’kɑpli/ and in Paris to /’kople/.

Write to me at my given name dot the name whose pronunciation is in the paragraph above and cnrs.fr.